A Stockton Dr.’s Guide to Keeping Your Teeth White

As a model, it’s extremely important to have a beautiful smile, and the main thing that goes into a smile is white teeth.  So, we reached out to Dr. Louie, who specializes in Stockton teeth whitening, to give us his best tips on keeping those pearly whites shining for years to come.  Without further ado, here are his top tips.

Top Tips For Whiter Teeth

Who does not simply adore white teeth? The ones devoid of plaque, dirt and stale breathe! But we do not always get what we wish for, do we? However, do not fret. These lines are solely dedicated to one cause. How can you keep your teeth shining? Let us guide you a bit!

teeth whitening

1- Brushing your teeth:

Elementary as Sherlock would have said. There is no myth over there. Mama told you to brush in childhood at least twice a day if not more. And if you have ignored her, now is the time to grab a toothbrush and do the cleaning!

2- Brushing in a proper manner:

You have Bought a brush. Good. Do you know how to brush actually? Sounds basic, but really can do marvels. Do not move your brush forth and back like a maniac. Rather, brush it in a vertical position at an angle of 45 degree. Also, do not scrub too hard as it might lead to bleeding from gums.

brush your teeth

3- Changing your brush:

It is usually advised that one must not get attached to a particular tooth brush. Of course you have got to change it after a certain period of time. Just think about the bacterial population that is harboring your brush after, let’s say a month. Minimum, you have to change brush after two months at least.

4- Foods that brush your teeth: 

Sounds a bit crazy, but no kidding. Apples and carrots for example can wash your teeth as you eat them. Hence going for firm fruits might actually work.

5- Brushing with Baking Soda:

If you thought baking soda was only used in baking purposes, you were wrong, were not you? Actually, baking soda can efficiently remove stains from teeth and hence can vouch for returning your teeth’s shine. An alternative for Baking Soda can be Sodium Chloride, the common salt. However, you must try your best by not in taking sodium as too much sodium can be harmful for health.

6- Teeth Whitening:

This is the quickest way to a whiter smile.  Yellow teeth can ruin any models career, so if you can afford it, getting your teeth whitened once a year will make an immense difference.  Not only will you book more jobs, but your confidence will go up as well, increasing the likelihood of a better shoot.

7- Choosing the right mouth wash:

Sometimes, because of lack of knowledge, we tend to buy products that have a hidden harm in them. No point in arguing that mouth washes are actually very good and that they attribute to freshness, but you have to be careful while buying a mouth wash. Sometimes, these mouth washes are alcoholic. So what is wrong with alcohol? Actually, its effect upon tissues inside mouth is a dry one. The gums and associated areas become more vulnerable to the pathogenic bacteria.  Hence, we may suffer from any bacterial infection.


You might not believe it, but teeth do contribute to a person’s first impression. At a job interview, if your smile is neat and teeth are clean, you actually make a pleasant impression. We hope that these tips are helpful to you, and we want to thank Dr. Louie for his excellent tips and suggestions!