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Paradoxical as it sounds, but psychologists say that women with a carefully painted lips make impression on others and is very competent and confident. Is not it a reason to more carefully consider the care of your lips? By the way, the skin on the lips several times thinner than, for example, in her arms. Moreover, it is practically devoid of the protective layer of fat and very sensitive to environmental influences. Care for the lips we are taught from childhood: it is in memory of those days, each of us in your purse is still bound to have chapstick. Decorative lipstick we learn to use a little bit later, but it looks as though it as the main weapon of women have a view of psychologists.

How to paint the lips? It is important first to understand what they need to paint, as fondant lipstick strife. Creamy lipstick covered lips well and contains a variety of components for the skin of lips, such as jojoba or avocado. Its main advantage is that after applying for a long time is on the lips evenly. In addition, she acts and nourishes lips uvlazhnyayusche due to vitamin complex and plant extracts. Resistant lipstick covered lips thick layer. It creates a kind of on the lips of the film, due to which colored pigments are permanently on the lips. Its distinct advantage in that they do not have to constantly touch up lips. The surface is matte lips and lipstick stays on them even after the kiss. Transparent lipstick, or as it is often called, lip gloss gives lips a hint only, and moisturize them. She looks the most natural, visible through her own lip color. This lipstick gives lips shine and protects them from drying out and the appearance of small cracks.

Now a few words about the technique. How to paint the lips from a technical point of view? To lipstick last long, for themselves and their lips contours is recommended to apply a little basic tone for the face. Professionals advise to apply lipstick with a brush of the special, and then carefully draw the contours of a special liner. The final touch: a brush to feather the line between pencil and lipstick, her lips slightly wet paper towel.

Not least important is the shape of lips. To correct it, you need only a liner. Narrow your mouth can do more visually, if a pencil put a border around the outer contour of the lips, completely paint over their surface, and only then to use lipstick. To make full lips less bulky, lipstick applied before reaching the edge of the lips, and then carefully delineates the contour pencil and shade. Of course, the first on the lips need to apply liquid foundation is based. And the final touch to the master class of how to paint her lips at the end put in the middle of the upper and lower lips slightly pearlescent lip gloss – it will make the lips more vivid and natural.

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