Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas for women to look like a super model

Women are always worried about their dresses because they want to look gorgeous and pretty among all others especially when it comes to attending a special event or festival. What festival can be more exciting than Halloween? Halloween is one of the most popular festivals of the year when all the people get together to enjoy some amazing moments with each other.

The best thing about this festival is that everyone tries to wear a unique and funky look that can make him appear prominent amongst others. Women are not only focused on looking unique but they also try to wear a dress that can help them show their beauty and look gorgeous. Finding a dress with both the qualities sometimes gets difficult for most of the women.

The reason behind this failure can be the lack of information about different ideas. Only a few women know that there are some very creative and unique Halloween dress ideas available that cannot only help them look prominent but gorgeous as well.

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Barbie is the most popular doll in almost all the countries and it is known as a symbol of beauty. So, what can be more gorgeous, then wearing a Barbie dress. Everyone will love this kind of dress and the best part is that you can easily find different kinds of Barbie dresses on multiple stores according to your size and figure.


Another ideal option for is wearing the Batwoman costume. Believe me, this outstanding costume will make you look sexy as hell. Not only the boys but girls will also admire your looks and dress.

The dress will look more beautiful if you have an ideal figure. Make sure that you wear the suitable make with this dress otherwise, the entire beauty of the dress will fade out.


If you ever wanted to look like a mermaid in your childhood, then it’s time for you to bring this dream come true. A beautiful mermaid costume makes your body appear attractive and sexy. Everyone would love to have a picture with this gorgeous mermaid. There are plenty of dress ideas available that you can choose from according to your particular size.


A vampire costume is perfect for the amazing festival of Halloween as it brings a touch of scare and beauty in it. A girl wearing sexy vampire dress will look unanimous among all others. The dress will look more beautiful on tall girls. If you don’t have a tall body, you can still wear the heals to look like a real vampire.