Choosing The Right Sunglasses for Your Face

Since the warm season is upon us you need to begin pondering shades. Be that as it may, with such a large number of various plans out there, how would you know which casings will suit your face shape and supplement your components, and which will come up short? Fortunately, we’ve done the greater part of the foundation for you.

Ever ask why a few shades look wonderful on you and others simply don’t cut it? We’ll the state of your face has a ton to do with how a couple of shades will look on you. Here is a review including 4 of the significant face shapes and a few rules to locate the ideal shades. The most imperative thing to recollect is that individual style trumps all. On the off chance that you cherish it, wear it!


To start with things first: show signs of improvement familiar with your face shape. Recognizing your most unmistakable components guarantees you’ll score a style that genuinely compliments, from dawn to nightfall. On the off chance that you have a wide hairline, expensive temples, and thin jawline, your shape is Heart. Those with well-proportioned highlights that have a level with width and length, a full jawline and no sharp accents are classified as Round. Square wonders have an equitably proportioned facial structure, described by a wide jawline and wide hairline. Last and maybe most fortunate, oval shape ladies have an exceptionally adaptable outline that measures longer from the hairline to the jaw than it does in width.



With no noticeable pinnacles or corners, Oval appearances have it made with regards to shades; this current structure’s flexibility gives free rein to play with round, rectangular and larger than average styles. As usual, the extent has a critical impact. Steampunk sunglasses that have an oval shape look amazing and make you look so hip it’s ridiculous.  The most complimenting styles will coordinate with the width of the face, instead of reaching out past it. Styles that have overstated detail at the scaffold effortlessly adjust the tightest piece of the face.


  • can wear any casing.


    • Balanced extent, jaw somewhat smaller than the temple.


    • Oval confronts have a tendency to have littler elements, ensure edges are in extent and not very enormous.


    • Start w/rectangular or butterfly outlines.



Round countenances ordinarily have an equivalent width and stature. When selecting the ideal edges, you need to pick a couple that will have a more extensive edge than the broadest piece of your face. Stay away from round edges as these don’t compliment your face shape, and rather, pick rectangular and square shapes to include points. What’s more, on the off chance that you cherish frivolity, then this is incredible in light of the fact that it looks chic as well as adds a visual lift to a rounder face.


    • A adjusted face looks best, ought to choose rakish casings to help hone and include a definition.


    • Frames that are flatter than vertical elongates and thins round countenances.


    • Equal in width and length, described by delicate bands with few points assuming any.


    • Glasses with high or mid-stature sanctuaries help protract confront.


    • Rectangular styles make round face look slimmer.




Solid elements are pleasantly adjusted by curvier sunnys; round, oval, pilots, and butterfly. Another top pick? Adjusted feline eyes, as observed various spring 2016 runways at Paris Fashion Week. Whichever shapely edge you pick, make a point to take note of the extents in respect to your facial structure; the more extensive the face, the bigger the edges ought to be.


    • Try round or oval edges to diminish and include differentiate.
    • Usually proportional long and width, solid jaw line, square button, wide profound brow.


    • Frames ought to be more flat than vertical.




A couple of famous aviator complement each purpose of Heart-formed countenances and as a reward right away ups the cool component of any look. This extremely wearable tear outline compliments and limits the brow, particularly in thin wire outlines with a sensitive extension. On days that you need to switch things up, let a larger than average casing be your trump card. Opened up extents fantastically affect a thin button, especially in sets with eye-getting subtle elements along the base of the casing or focal point.


    • Heart shape confronts have a tendency to be a test to fit.


    • Wide brow, limit jaw line, high cheekbones, limit jaw.


    • Try the same number of casings to perceive what works, try, and the individual inclination is generally essential.

A Stockton Dr.’s Guide to Keeping Your Teeth White

As a model, it’s extremely important to have a beautiful smile, and the main thing that goes into a smile is white teeth.  So, we reached out to Dr. Louie, who specializes in Stockton teeth whitening, to give us his best tips on keeping those pearly whites shining for years to come.  Without further ado, here are his top tips.

Top Tips For Whiter Teeth

Who does not simply adore white teeth? The ones devoid of plaque, dirt and stale breathe! But we do not always get what we wish for, do we? However, do not fret. These lines are solely dedicated to one cause. How can you keep your teeth shining? Let us guide you a bit!

teeth whitening

1- Brushing your teeth:

Elementary as Sherlock would have said. There is no myth over there. Mama told you to brush in childhood at least twice a day if not more. And if you have ignored her, now is the time to grab a toothbrush and do the cleaning!

2- Brushing in a proper manner:

You have Bought a brush. Good. Do you know how to brush actually? Sounds basic, but really can do marvels. Do not move your brush forth and back like a maniac. Rather, brush it in a vertical position at an angle of 45 degree. Also, do not scrub too hard as it might lead to bleeding from gums.

brush your teeth

3- Changing your brush:

It is usually advised that one must not get attached to a particular tooth brush. Of course you have got to change it after a certain period of time. Just think about the bacterial population that is harboring your brush after, let’s say a month. Minimum, you have to change brush after two months at least.

4- Foods that brush your teeth: 

Sounds a bit crazy, but no kidding. Apples and carrots for example can wash your teeth as you eat them. Hence going for firm fruits might actually work.

5- Brushing with Baking Soda:

If you thought baking soda was only used in baking purposes, you were wrong, were not you? Actually, baking soda can efficiently remove stains from teeth and hence can vouch for returning your teeth’s shine. An alternative for Baking Soda can be Sodium Chloride, the common salt. However, you must try your best by not in taking sodium as too much sodium can be harmful for health.

6- Teeth Whitening:

This is the quickest way to a whiter smile.  Yellow teeth can ruin any models career, so if you can afford it, getting your teeth whitened once a year will make an immense difference.  Not only will you book more jobs, but your confidence will go up as well, increasing the likelihood of a better shoot.

7- Choosing the right mouth wash:

Sometimes, because of lack of knowledge, we tend to buy products that have a hidden harm in them. No point in arguing that mouth washes are actually very good and that they attribute to freshness, but you have to be careful while buying a mouth wash. Sometimes, these mouth washes are alcoholic. So what is wrong with alcohol? Actually, its effect upon tissues inside mouth is a dry one. The gums and associated areas become more vulnerable to the pathogenic bacteria.  Hence, we may suffer from any bacterial infection.


You might not believe it, but teeth do contribute to a person’s first impression. At a job interview, if your smile is neat and teeth are clean, you actually make a pleasant impression. We hope that these tips are helpful to you, and we want to thank Dr. Louie for his excellent tips and suggestions!


The Finest Designed Bongs for Under $200 – Model’s Choice

All you can have that the best bongs for under $200! Yes, That’s right. Only for $200. So, Let’s check it out below:

Slushy Cup Bub tIme by Grav Labs – Blue and Black – 6 Inches: Price: $169.99
In case you’re searching for a fun approach to smoke in style and joy, you can’t turn out badly with Grav Lab’s percolator bongs. Their new Slushy Cup Bubbler is precisely what you would anticipate to play with if you wanted to smoke a nice kushy bowl of greens! Produced using top quality glass made in Antarctica, and colored a differentiating blue on precious stone or dark on the gem, it is actually a slushy container in each regard. In any case, there is a whole other world to this bong than the simple oddity of its appearance, it is an uncommon configuration bong that gives the best draws. With a four-opening piece that smoke comes through channel that guarantees every toke is flawless, and with the specific easy to use point cut arch that ensures simple entry, you’re certain to love this convenient little gem. Measuring just 5.9 inches, you wouldn’t see any problems with bearing this solid goodie with you, since let’s be honest, cool beverages are a certain something; cool smokes are on an entirely another level! I love gettin High in the benz.

Stax Ursus Bong by Grav Labs – Scientific Glass – 14 Inches: Price: $179.99
Most bongs are likely hard to clean. As a rule, a bong that experiences constant utilize tends to gather gunk that can be amazingly hard to get freed, particularly for percolator bongs that are… of lesser quality. Produced using high-review research center quality borosilicate glass, it includes a stand-out removable showerhead downstem that adequately smoothens and cools each puff.  It’s extremely competitive given the price of delta 9 glass. It additionally highlights a 90-degree point spill-and-backlash-sealed mouthpiece that is likewise removable. The entire is set into a total nine-inch measuring glass based inset with implicit channel bowl. On the off chance that simple tidy up is what you’re after, this is the bong for your buck!

Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube with Inline Percolator by Weed Star: Price: $157.32
Weed Star have made a superb bong here. Produced using superb borosilicate glass and with an inherent precooler, this bong gives smooth hits that will send you to space. A few people have griped that ice indents inside this bong are too little and ice was failing to work out, however, the producer has now made the scores considerably greater so this isn’t an issue. It’s anything but difficult to perfect, well made and phenomenal incentive for cash.
The smaller than usual 6-opening inline percolator functions admirably and gives insignificant drag and just upgrades the smoothness of the draw.

First class Beaker Base 6-arm Percolator Tube by Black Leaf: Price: $137.17
This bong is a greater amount of a redesign of the last bong in this rundown. It highlights a 6-arm percolator. Where this fashionable bong pricevaries.
The base might be littler than anticipated, however, it is tough and it holds a nice measure of water. The bowl is colossal, you can fit a huge measure of herb in there. This isn’t a terrible thing, however, I would utilize a screen to spare any bud falling through the opening. Cleaning is super simple, include your cleaner and shake away.
The tree percolator is a genuine delight. Simply light her up and watch the smoke fill. The smoke that is created through this thing is recently smooth. No different words can depict it, it is recently smooth.

The sprinkle monitor guarantees that no water enters your mouth when you’re toking. Tear as hard as you can with this thing, put stock in me, all you will get is hacking fits.

Tailors With a Passion For Perfection

The Marlow Eve Fashion show is an event where the designers reveal their creations worn by pretty models who walks along the catwalks. There are some extraordinary fashion show events for a certain aim, like charity. It is like just held in Cannes on May 23, 2013. Carine Roitfeld has broken the record with raised more than 11 million USD last year, when she became curator of the fashion show at night charity Cannes Film Festival. This year, Roitfeld again became curator of her fashion show to raise money for HIV research agencies / AIDS amfAR.

Roitfeld’s fashion show was planned to be more spectacular than last year. The festive events devoted exclusively to reward actresses, the late Elizabeth Taylor, who is also a longtime supporter and charity fundraisers for HIV / AIDS amfAR. Some philanthropists, such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Sharon Stone, were attending the show. For this year’s event Roitfeld picked gold as the theme of the fashion show. Naomi Campbell also helped organize the show that will be part of the annual charity movie against HIV / AIDS. The fashion show featuring 40 gold creations looks designed specifically for the event by renowned designers and fashion houses such as Dior, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Burberry, and Prada.  The finest of all the Sartorial Bay Tailors was at the event making sure to show off their perfect hand tailored suits.

Finally, the show proved an extreme success. This –for charity- fashion show raised over $25 million for AIDS. It also proved that gold jewelry can stand alone and it is timeless. The Cannes film festival has started and gold might be still fresh on people’s minds. It will not surprise if next year gold will be announced as the color of the year. All about gold, from the dresses, to the jewelries, shoes, and even tattoos. Whether somebody wears one tiny gold bracelet or several larger bracelets, the look of gold will be easily noticed.  After all, what could possibly be more important than showing up in a perfectly tailored suit?

Marshall Erb design firm

Fashion is all about the design.  One of the things that can make or break a photo shoot is the setting/background that the model has to work with.  Today we take a look at one of the most popular interior designers in Chicago, to see what goes into being the best.  Marshall Erb believes that interior design is only appealing when it is comfortable, timeless and classic. The interior of your house or office is a perfect reflection of your personality and lifestyle. If you look up on the internet about Marshall Erb design firm, you will find a lot of positive reviews about their work and customer services.

Marshall Erb is an incredible designer firm that listens to your needs before putting up options in front of you. They have such a wise team of designers that help you visualize the possibilities of your space. You will be surprised by the number of ideas they will present to you according to the space you have. A lot of customers who have met the great mind behind the firm Mr. Marshall himself say that his passion is what has brought the brand to this level. His architectural and design background can easily be seen in his work. His open minded personality makes him a competent and irresistible designer.

Sense of design

Chicago is one of the boldest cities of the modern era. It is a place of great luxury and enduring character. Marshall Erb is based in Chicago and has been making efforts to make the world a beautiful place for over 15 years. Their breathtaking interior services have set trends for other interior designing firms. They have served a number of prominent galleries, condominiums, fivestar hotels and private homes. They will amaze you with their collection of materials and different designs and varieties they have. They also have huge portfolios of the work they have already done. You are free to choose from them or combine any two designs and make a unique one for yourself.  

If you have another interior designing firm in mind, then make sure to visit their website before you fall for them. You will not find anything as unique as Marshall Erb interior designing firm. You will get the details of all the fields that they cater. Their website will give you a complete idea of how they work along with the level of delicacy and luxury they can bring to you. They are one of a kind and experts in giving a new look to your house or office.  

How To Style Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair and How To Style It

Style and fashion never remain constant and when we see girl’s fashion, it always seems un-bridled and cannot be halted for a moment. Every other day, girl’s fashion changes and newer and novel fashion trends replace the older ones.Starting from clothes to shoes and from jewelry to hand bangs, nothing can occupy any girl’s wardrobe for long and needs a constant replacement every now and then, owing to the changing fashion trends.Apparently, we see in girl’s fashion, new trends are a replica of older ones. Take example of shades worn nowadays.

Aren’t the old Rayban frames back now that were once worn almost a decade back? Same is the case with girl’s shoes. Those heels that we saw 90’s models and actresses once wearing are now available at all shoes stores and girls are dying to grab as many of them as possible.However, sometimes a bizarre fashion trend had also been encountered and followed. Consider hairstyles of 50’s. Many of us are aware of Lucy’s famous “Poodle Cut”. A very short hairstyle that had hair only on the top of the head while rest of the head comprised of extremely small ones.

A poodle was formed on the top most portions of the head and the hair forming the poodle were curled as tight as possible.If nowadays, we see someone with such a hairstyle, I am sure we would laugh out loud. But such was the state of girl’s fashion those days that every girl had to rush to a professional stylist to get a Poodle Cut.One and only consistent trend in girls’ fashion is the color scheme that is followed in different seasons. Winter and fall is known for dim and soft colors. Also those times of the year require softer touch be it in clothes or in other accessories.In contrast, summer and spring heralds’ bright colors and dresses worn in every era are of relatively bright colors.

Normally, shocking pink, yellow and orange are the colors of the spring while summer might have a combination of bright and light colors.Light colored clothes are worn in summer primarily to lessen the heating effect when exposed to the sun.Fashion trends of handbags and shades are as uneven as waves of sea. It can either be big or small. Sometimes girls are seen holding smaller bags whereas after a couple of months they feel confident shouldering big bags. Same is true with shades, gets bigger or smaller with trending fashion.Hence, we gather those girls who tend to remain in-fashion needs to be abreast with all changing trends during a year.