Trending clothes in 2017 (with reviewed products inside!)

five four clubIt’s hard to keep all fashion trends in mind, especially if you’re a busy guy. Luckily, there are some awesome online clothing services you can use to stay up to trends. The one we find interesting is Five Four Club and here’s the review of their products. Check them out!

Five Four Club trends for 2017


Depending on the season, you’ll get either long sleeved or short sleeved T-shirts. The focus in on comfort so don’t expect you’ll get high-end clothing piece. But, you’ll get a modern, trendy looking T-shirt that will compliment your look. You can choose between trendy colors, like red or navy blue. Or you can simply go with the classic gray, white or black T-shirts. In some collections, you get a combination of two colors, one classic and one trendy.

Five Four Club T-shirts are not tailored, so they fit all sizes and body shapes. There are several neck designs, which give you a style variation for every look you choose. The material is mostly cotton.


A hoodie is a must-have for any man that like to keep things casual and modern at the same time. If you’re into sports or just like the sports apparel, Five Four Club hoodies is a nice piece of clothing for you. They are light and feels great under the fingers, which makes them comfortable to wear regardless of the season.  Find out more by checking out these Hot Clothes – Five Four Club Products Reviewed.

Like T-shirts, hoodies also come in trendy colors like dark green, burgundy, and navy blue. They make a nice accessory to your existing wardrobe, regardless of the style you choose. You can wear it even on work: a white shirt paired with dark pants will make you look smart and youthful at the same time.Jeans & Pants

five four club product review

Jeans & Pants

For some men, a pair of well-fitted jeans or pants makes their outfit stand out. Since that’s the only thing you can wear and look decent (just imagine that pain for not having the opportunity to choose nothing else but pants!), you need a pair of bottoms that are high-quality. Five Four Club did some amazing designs of jeans and pants that come in every third package (if you’re patient enough to stick around for that long).

You get to choose between two types of bottom designs – the one with regular ending legs and the one with sleek ending legs. It’s good to know that Five Four pair of pants may appear too long at the bottom. So, our recommendation is to roll up the endings for a hipster look.


If you subscribe during fall or spring, there’s a chance that you’ll get a light wind jacket. The color will be matching the other pieces in your package, and the quality is solid. Once you try it on, you’ll get a full grip on how you can easily combine different pieces of clothing to look trendy. Who knew that a jacket can be a hot clothes?


Shirts are playing a big part in Five Four Club packages, comparing to buyer’s reviews. The designers seem to let loose their imagination while preparing this piece of clothing because you’ll see some of the trendiest colors, patterns, and textures on the market. Plus, you’ll get a nice top to combine with any look you like.

Good news: Five Four Club members are entitled to some special offers. They include exclusive collections which are available at discount price. Why are you waiting for?

How to Find a Good Proping Position for Taking a Photo

Taking a photo with props

There was a time when people used to take pictures from the reel camera and no social media platforms were available there to show your events and pictures to someone. But now in this era when we’ve got plenty of social media platforms and everyone is uploading the pictures of their friends with them then you should wear an attitude that is rare.

Taking a photo with props

People are usually choosing props to take pictures with but do you know there are few tricks you should go through at the time of taking a picture with the props. Let us tell you about the today of photos:


It is really important that you match the angle of your face with the prop in an accurate way. If your prop is perfect but your face direction is not going with the picture then your picture will not look good and at the social media, and you will not be able to get appreciation.

Make sure when you are capturing pictures you are getting it right or ask your photographer to guide you when you are using a prop.


Another great prop to use when you want to have the perfect picture which looks elegant as well is that you should go for the customized frames. These frames are easily available at the studios and you can make it by yourself as well.

Be in one frame with your friends or family and you will be good to go. These kind of pictures are in trend as well and you look decent and happy without getting over. Go for the great pictures no matter you are at home or you are in some event.


Hat and mustache are party props.  These newborn photography props will make your kid look exceptional in their photos. When you are in some party and event and you are in the mood where you can enjoy the best with your friends and family then hat and mustache are perfect. You will get the best shot and you can share one prop with your friends too.

Taking a photo with props

You will look absolutely perfect in the shot and your friends will enjoy too. Go for the stylish and moderate props for the great shot. Try to find the best props around you.


Clapboard is known as one of the coolest props. If you want to act like a director in some photo and you want to be in the picture but with the cool pose then use clapboard.

Clapboard will work as the most amazing prop and you can use the picture for different social media platforms as well. Clapboard is quite cool to show off as a prop and you will be able to get the coolest shot as well.


Taking a photo with props

Caption board with some funny message or sign is also a great prop to use and your positioning with the prop will look great as well. With the message board, you don’t have to pose but you just have to simply smile with the board and your shot will be ready.

How to increase your performance while working out

Move, sweat, eat, repeat is considered to be the perfect way of staying healthy and active. It also helps you improve your efficiency. But you need to train smarter if you want to increase your performance while working out. In other words, you need to eat smarter, move smarter and recover smarter.

But nowadays it’s difficult to find out the ways that can exactly help you improve your performance while working out. If you want to improve your performance instantly then you can take help from The Manly Zone – performance boosters.

We have also struggled to find out some best ways for you that can help you improve your performance. We hope that you’ll learn the best ways after reading these useful tips.

Watch the clock

If you spend more time on chatting with your companions or hiking to the water fountain then you’ll won’t be able to make more out of your workout. If you want to stay away from wasting your time in such activities then you must keep a close eye on the clock.

You can make your workout more effective by hitting the sweet spot as well as lowering your risk for injury. You can take a one to five-minute rest break depending on your particular goals.

Skip the machines

Exercise machines are a useful way of making resistance training user-friendly, but If you want an extra-intense session then the best option for you would be the free weights.

During each rep, you’ll be able to build more stabilizing muscles without the help of the machine and it will also help you during the workout. The same is the case with bodyweight exercises.  You can apply for Fitness Modeling by checking out this website.

Combine Strength and cardio

Strength training and cardio exercise are often considered to be two separate activities, while they both are interconnected to each other. You can rev your metabolism by adding cardio intervals (like running 20-second sprints or jumping rope) into your circuit, while still building strength.

Hold your pose

If you want to gain some strength and endurance through traditional isotonic exercises then you must practice holding your muscle in a flexed position after contracting it. Use a stability ball wall squat to test it out. Make a target of staying static for 30 seconds in the beginning, but consider increasing the duration once your muscular endurance and strength improve.

Add resistance

You must have heard most of the people arguing about which workout is more effective whether lifting light weights or the heavyweights. The recent research has demonstrated that their effectiveness is equal if you’re working your muscles to exhaustion. But heavyweights will exhaust your muscles after a few reps.

Build a circuit

If you want to create a cardio-focused and time-efficient workout then moving quickly from one exercise to another can help you achieve this. Thus, you allow each muscle group to recover before using them again.

These tips will help you improve your performance while working out.

Fatty Acids Good for Bodybuilding: Omega 3

Strong and muscular bodies do not arise automatically. There are several cycles that we must undergo bodybuilders, but in many of these, our bodies end up negatively affected. That’s where fatty acids like Omega 3 come in for our help. They increase the capacity of muscle growth, promote good physical health and most importantly: In steroid cycles cholesterol can become a real enemy, consumption of Omega 3 during these time out of the cycle, helps to normalize cholesterol or in some cases lead it to low levels

How Does Omega 3 Help With Bodybuilding?  

Although popular belief says that in most diets fats need to be eliminated, this is a total lie. The body needs several implements in addition to protein to increase muscle mass and make it grow little by little, therefore for regeneration and mass growth, Omega 3 becomes an essential supplement when it comes to bodybuilding.

The body musculature in bodybuilding comes into being by a hormone: Testosterone. This arises by different means, however the low consumption of fats (contrary to the popular belief) tends to take the levels of production of this hormone to a low one (automatic response of the body), nevertheless, ingesting other types of fats can generate accumulation of it in different parts of the body, which is not pleasant if we practice bodybuilding. Many professional athletes us this science along side omega 3 bodybuilding.  The solution is simple, ingesting Omega 3.

With the intake of Omega 3, being a completely healthy fatty acid, the speed and volume of muscle repair is maintained continuous, and even in some cases accelerated. The general principle to have large muscles comes with the continuous wear and repair and strengthening of muscles, the more you exercise, the more they wear out and the human body repairs them making it stronger and bigger; Now imagine that you regenerate twice as fast, this would make muscle growth twice as fast in turn.

What Qualities Does Omega 3 Have for Muscle Mass?

Omega 3 has different types of fatty acids in its composition, however the most important for muscle gain is known as eicosapentaenoic acid. This acid has an important faculty: The muscles grow in a process of rupture, decomposition, regeneration, and strengthening; The eicosapentaenoic acid blocks the decomposition phase and by going directly to the regeneration phase, which makes the process of acquiring muscles much faster.

In turn the Omega 3 increases insulin levels in the human body in a healthy way. With a high insulin, the nutrients in the human body are distributed by this distribution channel in a more uniform, fast and safe way to all the cells of the body. With a best distribution of nutrients, the cells apply their regeneration process much faster, this works simultaneously in a chain: The more insulin there is, the better the insulin metabolism behaves being more efficient, and the production of muscle is much greater every time.

Finally, when training, muscle swelling can be a real pain and discomfort in the body of a bodybuilder, Omega 3 has the ability to increase protasglandine, a hormone which helps prevent inflammation of the muscle and its connective tissues. Making workouts much easier and easier. It also helps blood flow, blood pressure, kidney function and improving the gastrointestinal tract.

In short, the Omega 3 becomes a true magic as a supplement if you are looking for a strong, healthy body of a bodybuilder without having the problem of the accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, it avoids the different diseases that can bring the fat accumulation and finally it helps the removal by means of the increase of the excretory function, the elimination of the toxins or of the harmful steroids at the end of steroids cycles.

Choosing The Right Designer For Your Prom Dress

Designer prom dresses are highly sought after by girls who are on the look out of something elegant and beautiful to wear for the prom dance night. Designer prom dresses can easily be found at but they can be a bit expensive and this goes especially for the ones that are quite modern and trendy. However, keeping the price factor aside, the designer dresses will surely help you in reaching the top of the world because of the great design that they showcase. Thus, it is very hard to go wrong with a designer prom dress and therefore it is considered one of the greatest choices for the prom night.

Why Make the Choice of a Designer for your Prom Dress?

Making the choice of a designer for your prom dress is very important. This is because prom dresses come in varied sizes, designs and shapes. Only a professional designer will know the type of prom dress that will flatter the type and the shape of body you have. A designer for prom dresses works best and out in all his or her efforts in trying to design a dress that goes a long way in attracting the attention of the onlookers at the right places of the body while keeping the other areas covered.

How to Choose the Best Designer for your Prom Dress?

There are a number of important factors that you need to keep in mind when trying to choose a designer for your prom dress and the factors are as follows:

Your Budget

This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a designer for your prom dress. There are different professional and experienced designers available throughout the market. All these designers offer varied prices for the services that they provide or the designer prom dresses that they make. Therefore, depending on the budget that you have allotted for your prom dress, you need to choose a designer that best suits your requirements. There is no use going for a top quality designer when you cannot afford to pay the charges of the designer.

Look for Experienced Designers

It is also important for you to look out for designers who have good experience in designing some of the most exclusive and the most elegant prom dresses for their clients. If you want you can take referrals from friends and family members who can advise you on taking the services of a designer whom they have had used in the past.

Look for the Quality of the Materials Used by the Designer

When you have ultimately made up your mind to use the services of a particular prom dress designer, the most important thing that you need to check is the quality of the materials used by the designer for making prom dresses. You must also make sure that the designer has complete knowledge of the latest stitches and the latest designs that he or she can use in the prom dress.


Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind will definitely help you in getting hold of the best designer for your prom dress.

A Look Into T-Shirt Designs in Singapore

There are many different trends of popular t-shirt designs in Singapore right now. Singapore’s best t-shirt printers are coming up with designs that feature abstract art, stellar typographic, or even simple two-toned shirts – all of which are becoming the stylish summer rave.

The mainstream summer fashion t-shirts are approaching a modern abstraction that the western art world went through in the 1950’s and 1960’s and highlights the longstanding eastern art’s quality of simplicity. Some of the most popular designs are blending patterns that have no right to be next to each other. For example, taking thin horizontal pin stripes and clashing it with the larger base color field or even simpler, just have a plain colored t-shirt with a brand logo over the breast. It really is a testament to brand name followings.

Designs on t-shirts are trending towards more and more abstractions as they detail patterns that offer only one main highlight, either a word or a shape that ties the whole shirt together. Ultimately, it seems to be designs that blend the three categories of abstract art with stellar typographic and simplicity which seem to have the most success for designers. Fashion certainly seems to be leaning toward designs without a whole lot going on. The designs place emphasis on the outfit as a whole as compared to an individual item that is only supported by the apparel choices around it. Increasingly it seems to be that designers are looking toward the whole outfit to give personality to the wearer, not just a specific item.

The t-shirt trends are following this model and reframing from large boisterous images and designs and instead taking advantage of subtitles and quieter images. This allows the softer images to speak louder and sound off in conjunction with the whole outfit louder than one single design ever could. This is exactly the goal of Singapore’s best t-shirt printers as they look ahead at the direction of the fashion industry moving. This yellow-brick road seems to be leading to an era of minimalism in design. Designs will be critiqued on their functionality within an outfit more so then by the actual design itself.

This explains why there is such a rise in plain colored shirt in recent years. The shirts design may be simple and not very enthralling or ground breaking, but when placed inside of an outfit, the function of the shirt may tie the whole outfit together. This is why the shirt is successful. It is because of its function inside of the overall outfit and not the design of the shirt itself.

When looking forward in Singapore’s fashion, consider how an article of clothing acts within an outfit. Now in days, this matters more than any specific design itself. A design does not need to be loud or command presence by itself. In fact, a single piece of apparel will be drowned out in a crowd of well-placed high functioning pieces as their chorus signs louder than any single voice ever could.