It has taken me most of my life to decide on the one thing i want to have as a career. I have worn many hats when it comes to being a parent, a student and an employee. 

When i was little, my dream job was to be an inventor, that soon changed when i realized that nailing two bits of wood together and calling it an Aeroplane wasn’t quite what an inventor does!
Then i wanted to be a mechanic. That one didn’t pan out either.
After High school, i studied hairdressing at Otago Polytechnic and was doing really well with the Theory assignments but the practical was a little more difficult. It also didn’t help that i got pregnant half way through! Then i became a housekeeper in a motel. While i enjoyed it, i knew it wasnt for me and left there to work in a Home Linen store. I loved the retail side of things, meeting new customers, the products, the Cash Handling, and the Business side of things.
I worked there for over a year before leaving to study Business Administration and Computing.
All this while juggling two kids under 5.
I began to feel like i was missing out on their childhood so i worked from home as a Home-based Educator for four years. I love Children but as my own got older, i needed to get out of the house and back amongst other Adults.
I spent a year  being a stay at home Mum and setting up Designer Curves before getting the opportunity to work in the local Kindy for a few hours a week. Unfortunately it was only a short term contract and now my focus is building the Business which is where my dream job comes in.

My Goals
In the short term, i would like to be making sales every day and increasing the stock levels.
I would like to have enough stock to attend markets and hosting parties.

In the long term, i plan on opening  Brick and Mortar stores with staff to man the floor while i spend my time behind the scenes running the Business and also working in the store itself.
I would like to travel the world sourcing the best garments and latest fashion.
I want Designer Curves to be THE place to go for affordable Plus Size Womens Clothing.
I would like to be able to make a living off the business, not just for the money, but also my self esteem. For years i haven’t really felt like i have been a huge contributor to society and my family financially.
I want to be successful in this venture and not look back.
With alot of hard work and personal investment, i believe that i can get there.